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August 2017

Community Events
Rotary Club Meeting
Contact: Deb Maas
Phone: 319-642-7171
Address: 235 E Hilton St, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Marengo Public Library
Starts: January 3, 2017
Ends:  December 26, 2017
Time: (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

The Rotary Club will meet every Tuesday (excluding holidays) at 12:00pm at the Marengo Public Library.

The Rotary Club works towards the betterment of the local community and scholarships for Iowa Valley Seniors through fundraising and member donations. For more information please contact Deb Maas at 319-642-7171 or Ava Simons at 319-642-7152.

Kiwanis Meeting
Contact: Deven Markley-President  
Phone: 319-642-3232
Address: 1185 Court Ave, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Hawkeye Pizza & Steakhouse
Starts: January 4, 2017
Ends:  December 20, 2017
Time: (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

The Kiwanis of Marengo will meet at Hawkeye Pizza & Steakhouse on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of month. All members of the community are encouraged to attend. The local Kiwanis works towards the betterment of the youth in the local community.

Swaddling Clothes
Phone: 319-642-5452
Address: 780 Court Ave, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: St John' Lutheran Church
Starts: January 7, 2017
Ends:  December 2, 2017
Time: (9:00am - 12:00pm)

Offering baby, children's and maternity items. Held the 1st Saturday of each month at St. John's Lutheran Church.

City Countil Meeting
Contact: City Hall  
Phone: 319-642-3232
Address: 153 East Main St, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Marengo City Hall
Starts: January 11, 2017
Ends:  December 27, 2017
Time: (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

The Marengo City Counil will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month. All citizens are encouraged to attend. Please contact City Hall if you have any additional questions.

Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Contact: Rosi Disterhoft  
Phone: 319-430-8805
Address: 1185 Court Ave, Marengo 52301  
Location: Hawkeye Pizza & Steakhouse
Starts: January 25, 2017
Ends:  December 27, 2017
Time: (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

The Marengo Chamber of Commerce meets the last Wednesday of each month at Hawkeye Pizza & Steakhouse for their monthly meeting.

Please contact Rosi Disterhoft for additional information.

You may also contact Deven Markley, 319-642-3232,

HACAP Mobile Food Distribution
Contact: Jackie Jordan  
Phone: 319-741-3825
Address: 235 E Hilton St, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Marengo Public Library
Starts: April 17, 2017
Ends:  November 20, 2017
Time: (11:00am - 12:00pm)

HACAP free food distribution is held at Marengo Public Library, 3rd Monday of each month.

Iowa County residents who meet eligibility requirements at that time need only to self-declare with their signature and proof of address. Those attending should bring IDs.

Rolle Bolle Schedule
Starts: May 6, 2017
Ends:  September 30, 2017

Marengo Farmer's Market
Contact: Rosi Disterhoft  
Phone: 319-430-8805
Address: Marengo, IA 52301  
Date: August 11, 2017  (4:00pm - 7:00pm)

Location: Court Avenue between Kinzenbaw Earthmoving office and Blackwall Fitness

Vendors welcome!

Iowa Valley CSD
Iowa Valley PTO Meeting
Contact: Jennifer Olson  
Phone: 319-330-5431
Address: 151 East Main St., Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Iowa Valley Elementary School
Date: August 14, 2017  (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

The Iowa Valley PTO will meet on Monday August 14th in the library at the Iowa Valley Elementary School. Items discussed will be upcoming fundraisers, Meet & Greet, committee assignments, year book, and other Misc items. All parents/grandparents of Iowa Valley Elementary Students are highly encouraged to attend and get involved. There are no yearly dues and all parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles of Iowa Valley Students are welcome! Please contact Jennifer Olson, Abby Kasper, or Ami Thomas for more information.

Community Events
American Legion Post 76 Meetings
Contact: Sam Slaymaker
Phone: 319-642-7230
Address: 1470 Lafayette Ave, Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: American Legion
Starts: August 14, 2017
Ends:  May 14, 2018
Time: (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

The American Legion Post 76 members and all veterans of the Armed Forces are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings located at the American Legion which is right next to the pool and across the street from the Marengo Memorial Hospital. We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm. For more information and questions, please feel free to contact Sam Slaymaker at 319-642-7230.

Marengo Memorial Hospital
Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting for Marengo Memorial Hospital
Address: Marengo, IA 52301  
Location: Marengo Memorial Hospital
Date: August 15, 2017  (4:00pm - 6:30pm)

A grand opening ceremony for the first part the addition to Marengo Memorial Hospital has been set for August 15, 2017. An open house will be from 4 to 6:30 pm with a ribbon cutting before hand.

11th Annual 5K-10K Run/Walk
Contact: Marengo Memorial Hospital Foundation
Phone: 319-642-8054
Address: Marengo, IA 52301  
Date: August 19, 2017

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Community Events
Marengo Farmer's Market
Contact: Rosi Disterhoft  
Phone: 319-430-8805
Address: Marengo, IA 52301  
Date: August 26, 2017  (11:00am - 2:00pm)

Vendors welcome!

The Marengo, Iowa Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Watermelon Market on Saturday, August 26. Come on down to Court Avenue between Blackwall Fitness and Kinzenbaw Earthmoving from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Chamber members will be handing out free watermelon slices while supplies last thanks to a donation from a former Iowa Valley class. Tyler Snodgrass, a great young musician, will be playing music at the market as well! Have the kids come down and wade through kiddie pools or draw on the street with sidewalk chalk while you check out all the great vendor items! They can also go to the Marengo Library booth to make a fun watermelon themed craft. We hope to see you there!