Private Swimming Lessons


Marengo Private Swimming Lessons Form 2012
$14 per Half Hour



Circle Instructor Choice:

Holly Carney – WSI

Baylea Hinrichs – WSI

Caitlin Gassman – WSI

Abbi Hartman – WSI

Madison Lacina – WSI

Kailey Kaestner

Megan Kaestner

Gina Svare

Taylor Randall

Emily Smith

Mackensie Sauerbrei

Emily Waddell

Miranda Rathjen

Jackie Kriegel

Madison Gerard

Belle Hartman

Makayla Keim

Anna Smith

Olivia Glandorf

Natalie Demmel




**Please note that non WSI instructors have not been certified to Red Cross standards.  By choosing to take lessons from someone other than a Water Safety Instructor you agree to being taught by their personal swimming standards whether it is right or wrong.




































































































For City Use Only:                                                                Total Payment: ____________

            Guard Portion____________
            City Portion            _____________

Paid on: _______________